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My Choice

Guess what the book might be about.

My choice is the first book in Mortal Instrument series by Cassandra Clare called City Of Bones.
To be honest, I don't even have to guess what is the book about, because I've read it from the begining and till the end, it's really interesting and I recomend it to everyone. It's full of unexpected results and it provides interesting descriptions of the places, events and characters, also it provides interesting events as well (Dumor Hotel, The Institute, Events in the cafe full of Underworlders, etc.).

The book tells us the story of 15-16 year-old Clary (shortened from Clarissa) Fray who becomes a witness of murder in the club "Pandemonium". She saw three teenagers, who turn out to be the Shadowhaunters, also known as the Nephilims or half-angels, kill the Demon. The Shadowhunters were surprised with Clary able to see them because Demons, Underworlders and Nephilims are hidden from the human view. An important detail is that the Shadowhunters call all the humans the Mundanes. Her ability to see the Shadow World gives some kind of a hint to Jace (shortened from Jonathan) that she is a Nephilim as well.
After the events in the club Clary's mother, Jocelyn Fray, has a quarrel with Clary, so Clary leaves her home with the best friend Simon. After that Jocelyn is attacked in her flat by two minions of Valentine, antagonist of the book. After the call of her mother Clary rushes home with Jace, who decided to check whether she IS a Nephilim or not, accompanying her. At home Clary is attacked by the lesser Demon and poisoned, but by an accident she killes the Demon.

Clary wakes up in The Institute, New-York home of the Shadowhunters. Since that event the most important part of the story begins.

I think that it would be a crime to tell you ALL the details and leave you with no purpose to read the book, so I guess I'm done with the first post of my blog. I recomend this book to everyone first of all because of the interesting plot. The name of the book might make you think that this is the horror story, but NO. It's quite a romantic story full of interesting events with great descriptions of places, people and events. Here is the cover of the book, stay with me and read the rest posts of my blog.

It was Anthony White, special for you. Stay tuned, see you soon! :-)

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