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The Film Is Worth Watching

The Movie Adaptation of "City of Bones"

You know, I've watched this film recently and I tell you what: it does worth watching, even though a lot of events either placed in different order or take place somewhere else. Some scenes were completely changed and some didn't appeared at all! That's the only negative trait of film, but it's quite common for all film adaptations of the books. Anyway, the director of the film is Harald Zwart and the actors of the film are:

Lily Collins as Clary Fray
This actress is also known for her role of Snow White in "Mirror Mirror".

Jamie Campbell Bower
as Jace Wayland
Jamie is also can be easily recognized due to his role as Caius in "Twilight" saga.

Jemima West
as Isabelle Lightwood
Rather attractive actress, isn't she? Jemima also played in several French films for example "Et ton père...!"

Kevin Zegers
as Alec Lightwood
What's interesting about Kevin Zegers is that he's not just an actor, but he's a model as well! Also he played in "It's a Boy Girl Thing" as Woody Deane.

Robert Sheehan
as Simon Lewis
Simon is the best friend of Clary, I dare remind you (I guess it's all about their eyebrows, just look at it!) Also Robert played Kay in "Season of the Witch"

You can find the full cast here, and here's the link to the film itself, hope you'll enjoy it!

It was Anthony White, special for you. Stay tuned, see you soon! :-)

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