среда, 18 декабря 2013 г.

An Original Way To Say Goodbye

Just a Dream...

You know what? I decided to amuse you in my last post. Let's imagine that we're in that New-York which described in the book and accedentally I have an address of... *ruffle* Clary Fray! Let the madness begin!

            Hey Clary! Long time no see. Where've you been? Earlier I've seen you often in Brooklyn, but now... 
            Strange things are happening here recently, you know. Really strange. I hear hollows behind the window in the night and when I look out I can't see animals just weird guys who howl, but they do it so... Naturally. Oh yeah and a couple of days ago some strange guy smiled at me and I saw his teeth. It were long and sharp and the guy himself was so pale that I thought he would die in five minutes! What a damn Helloween...
           Anyway, if you'll be looking for a chat you know where you can find me. I'm always at your service.
           Your friend,

It was Anthony White, special for you. Stay tuned, see you soon :-)

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